• multimedia

Infmedia have served the educational community for more than 20 years, designing, developing, and distributing interactive multimedia science software.
Users may access learning resources from within a course, directly from a learning platform or from outside the digital environment.
We have developed video, 3D animation, standalone games, workbooks, offline exercises, PDFs, e-books, mobile apps, audio podcasts and many other learning and communication resources as part of our effective learning programmes.
Our learning and visual designers are highly experienced when it comes to applying style guidelines across media types, ensuring full brand consistency throughout your channels.

Using what’s there

Many businesses today have a huge wealth of existing knowledge, information and resources.
At Infmedia, we make sure we get the best out of what’s already there. This may mean simply joining the dots effectively in our learning journey design, or it may mean adapting materials to work well together in a new, innovative learning mix. We draw on your experience in delivering successful learning to bring the maximum business benefit for your investment as efficiently as possible.

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