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Infmedia specializes in the design and development of science-related multimedia software for companies, institutions and schools.
Created as a spin-off of the Italian National Institute for Condensed Matter Physics (CNR-INFM), Infmedia can boast a solid scientific background, deep roots in the research community and a strong push towards innovation.

Simulations and scenarios are a fantastic way to place the learner in a realistic situation in which they can put their new knowledge to the test. Embedding them in a safe environment to practise their skills makes the learning experience more engaging and memorable, and prepares learners for real-world challenges.
Infmedia srl has a strong background in creating highly engaging and immersive scenarios and simulations for learning. Scenarios and simulations allow learners to learn from experience, outcome and even mistakes in a safe, realistic virtual space and to understand the consequences of these actions without repercussions.
By making the learner the central character in a drama-led situation, it is easier for them to understand the real-world implications of their decision making.

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